Lieske Bijlsma

Professional Coach

I help high performing men and women achieve balance and reach their goals, through establishing increased confidence and a healthy body & mind.


I am passionate about supporting others to unlock their potential and lead with confidence, helping others find their way to success and be their best selves. I understand the daily requirements of a demanding job, having been a high performing M&A professional for 8 years, working in a dominant male environment. Coaching has been the cornerstone of my professional career, in which I have passionately functioned as job & career coach.


I believe in the power of nutrition; a physique well-fed and exercised supports the body and mind, and provides an overall feeling of well-being.

I have two Master (MSc) degrees, in Economics and in International Development Studies. I obtained my professional coaching diploma at NYU, and I am a trained health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), certified in plant-based nutrition (eCornell). I have lived and worked across continents (Europe, Africa, S-America, Middle-East, N-America), which taught me many life learnings, and a good taste for all the incredible food that's out there!