Coaching Offering


I offer 1h private sessions, in-person or via online video.

Engagements typically last 3-6 months. The introductory session is complementary and serves as an evaluation on both sides whether there is a match and I can help you forward. No strings attached.

Frequently used coaching services

Finding the Right Work-Life Balance

The number of hours we work increases every year. Now with COVID, as we are working from home more and have access to communication 24/7, our workdays have become even longer. But also more stressful. We see friends struggling with (preventing) burnouts.


Do you want to feel more in control? Do you want to (re-)find your balance and enjoy your daily work again? And get back some personal time?


I can help you achieve a better balance between work and life, a balance that works for you. All while not influencing your performance at work, nor giving up the things you like in life.

Team Meeting

Managing teams effectively

Leading teams to success is not for the faint hearted. You are often stuck in the middle, managing down, reporting up. It requires strong leadership, the ability to delegate effectively, and confidence in self.


Do you want to become better in building on your team’s strength? Become the manager you always wished to work for?


I can help you develop your own leadership style, building on your strengths and learn how to respond to conflicting demands.

Thinking about your next career move

Any type of change is hard. Leaving the security of your current job is one of the hardest things there is – especially during these times.


Are you looking for a change? A new challenge, a role in which you will feel more fulfilled, doing the things you like and grow at the same time? A role that fulfills your professional and life goals?


I can help you put the right steps in place to find that opportunity, working through the questions you have and boosting your confidence to find the right fit.

Moms back to work

Nothing more scary than leaving your child with someone else. Whether your baby is 3 months or 2 years old. And then having to re-find yourself at work again. Finding that focus, your role in the organization, while everything at home is different and you are torn between worlds.


How can you manage both worlds? How can you be a mom while also rocking it at work?


I can help you make sense of the conflicting demands and find a place for that feeling of guilt. You can become a star in balancing home and work, while enjoying both.

Mother and Baby